How Did Via Pangea Begin?

The Idea:

After 3.5 years of searching for new SAI classroom ideas by perusing websites, catalogs, and books, I began emailing teachers in my district asking for some of their tried and tested ideas. The responses I received were so incredibly useful that I realized that most sensible educational answers to the questions of how to best reach our students are being practiced in classrooms, right now.

This website strives to create a way to share our most valuable methods: field notes from teachers, for teachers. A Learning Walk without having to leave your classroom.

Here, I will compile ideas from fellow teachers, empirically successful research-based strategies, and methods I have created myself.

Categories are listed within each post  and in the right column of each page. 

The ideas shared here will be primarily from the Special Education setting, but many are useful in General Education classrooms as well.

Rick Lavoie summed up the method-crossover from Special Education to General Education at a recent Help Group Summit this way, “Many general education teachers are using more and more strategies that are aimed toward special needs students, because they’re just good ideas, and they work.”

Yours in connection,

Miss S. SAI Teacher

Monrovia California



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