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Tapping The Potential

Here is a mother, Kristine Barnett, who decided to buck the system of spending hours of therapy per week focusing on what her autistic son Jacob could NOT do, and instead, she gave him freedom to explore his interests, and supported them. Jacob engaged in, what were considered to be “repetitive behaviors”, but instead of … Continue reading

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Special Needs Artists

The DAC gallery is a Los Angeles based art gallery currently displaying an exhibit titled Horizon Lines which¬†features artworks from ECF Art Centers, an adult program of the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) that mentors, empowers and represents adult artists with special needs. Horizon Lines showcases the work of approximately 100 ECF artists and pushes the … Continue reading

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Inspiration Table

Educational advisor Ken Robinson says “creativity is ¬†as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” I agree and I’ve found an easy way to boost each child’s natural creativity, every day, in the classroom. What It Is: A table in the classroom for exploring and experimenting that I … Continue reading