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Tapping The Potential

Here is a mother, Kristine Barnett, who decided to buck the system of spending hours of therapy per week focusing on what her autistic son Jacob could NOT do, and instead, she gave him freedom to explore his interests, and supported them. Jacob engaged in, what were considered to be “repetitive behaviors”, but instead of … Continue reading

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I Need Your Advice

This article and an encounter I witnessed a few mornings ago have left me wondering how to help. On Tuesday morning, as I arrived to the elementary school where I teach and walked through the playground toward my class, I witnessed an encounter between a former student of mine and a general education student. Here’s … Continue reading

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Autism Is a Different Brain, Not a Deficient One”>“>”“> In a new study, the first of its kind, “Stanford researchers have unearthed clues about the formidable brains of some children with autism, suggesting that the diagnosis may signal a different cognitive style, not disability.” Continue reading