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Token Chart

What it is: A behavior strategy to increase motivation and decrease unwanted behaviors Who it’s for: Parents or teachers of children who need motivation to complete tasks or follow directions What you’ll need: A printed copy of this page:// , a sheet protector or even a large Ziploc bag, and a dry erase or Vis-a-Vis … Continue reading

ADHD Strategies / Autism Strategies / Behavior Improvement Strategies / Moral Boosting Strategies

Line Order

What it is:: A line-walking strategy to decrease arguments Who it’s for: Your whole class What you’ll need: Duct tape, a poster chart, Velcro This is seemingly simple, but it has been a HUGE help for students who benefit from structure, predictability, and boundaries. My students used to fight over who would be at the … Continue reading

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“The Incredible 5-Point Scale”

What it is: A method for teachers or parents of children who need help understanding emotions and their effects Who it’s for: Students with Autism or students who have a difficult time understanding, classifying, or controlling their emotions What you’ll need: All materials can be found on This strategy was presented to me in my recent … Continue reading

Behavior Improvement Strategies / Moral Boosting Strategies

Cool-Down Area

What it is: A strategy for helping kids recover from an emotional breakdown Who it’s for: Teachers of students who are prone to disruptive, emotional outbursts What you’ll need: Duct tape//preferably colored My wonderful principal suggested this idea to me a few years ago and it has helped many of my students. Take your student … Continue reading