Boosting Creativity / Moral Boosting Strategies

Role Model: Chuck Close

I keep this Chuck Close book in my classroom every year for the kids to explore. This year, one student has really taken an interest in it and looks at it whenever he can, shares it, and asks me questions about Chuck, and his art, and his life. Today, I showed this video to the kids in which Chuck gives advice to his younger self:

Chuck has learning disabilities, face blindness, and quadriplegia and has found enormous success through his art.

He says a lot of great things that our students can learn from in this short clip. Here are some of them:

“Never let anyone define what you are cabable of by using perameters that don’t apply to you.”

“Virtually everything I’ve done is influenced by my learning disabilities.”
“You don’t have to invent the wheel every day. Today you will do what you did yesterday. Tomorrow you will do what you did today. Eventually, you will get somewhere.”

If you’re looking for an inspirational role model for your students, he’s an excellent person to introduce to them!

Miss S.


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