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I Need Your Advice

This article and an encounter I witnessed a few mornings ago have left me wondering how to help. On Tuesday morning, as I arrived to the elementary school where I teach and walked through the playground toward my class, I witnessed an encounter between a former student of mine and a general education student. Here’s … Continue reading

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Inspiration Table

Educational advisor Ken Robinson says “creativity is  as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” I agree and I’ve found an easy way to boost each child’s natural creativity, every day, in the classroom. What It Is: A table in the classroom for exploring and experimenting that I … Continue reading

ADHD Strategies / Autism Strategies / Behavior Improvement Strategies / Socialization

Talking Partners

What You’ll Need: Colored dot stickers for desks Who It’s For: Students who have difficulty speaking to one another, asking questions or having conversations 1. Choose two colors of dot stickers and place them in alternating order on the students’ desks. I’ll use green and yellow, here, as examples. 2. Each morning, write a conversation … Continue reading

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What it is: A game that improves asking and answering questions, that can be played with the whole class! Who it’s for: Teachers or parents of children who would benefit from deductive reasoning and clear communication practice What you’ll need: Hedbanz Game I do a 30 minute Social Group activity in my classroom every day in which we, … Continue reading