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Charlie Changer

What it is: A strategy for helping children cope with unexpected schedule changes Who it’s for: Parents or teachers who have kids that resist changes in routine What you’ll need: A dye cut or other cutout of a person, a laminator, a magnet or tape Students with Autism can have a difficult time with changes in schedule … Continue reading

Utilizing Your Classroom Aides

Training Aides in the Classroom

What it is: An outline for providing your assistants with the training they need in a simple and efficient way Who it’s for: Teachers who have Instructional Aides What you’ll need: A small window of collaboration time (20-30 minutes) once per week, while the students engage in an independent activity One of the most challenging aspects of being … Continue reading

ADHD Strategies / Behavior Improvement Strategies

Hand Raising Game

What it is: A classroom strategy to cut down on shouting out Who it’s for: Teachers of students who have a hard time remembering to raise their hand before talking What you’ll need: Just a spot on your white or chalk board to keep score My students have difficulty with impulse control which leads to a lot of … Continue reading

At Home Strategies / Socialization / Whole Group Fun Activities


What it is: A game that improves asking and answering questions, that can be played with the whole class! Who it’s for: Teachers or parents of children who would benefit from deductive reasoning and clear communication practice What you’ll need: Hedbanz Game I do a 30 minute Social Group activity in my classroom every day in which we, … Continue reading