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Soothing Music

Studies show that many students focus better and achieve more when listening to music as they work. I have always looked for soothing music to play at specific times in the classroom, but it’s tricky to find the right sound. Some classical and instrumental music is too uptempo and distracting and music I find soothing at home, does not always have the same effect in the classroom. I just discovered Rockabye Baby, a company that makes lullaby versions of so much great music from people like The Beatles to Madonna to Coldplay to The Smiths.

I bought the lullaby versions of Bjork and the music and it’s really helpful for having on in the background while students work or calm down. Bjork, specifically, is not too infantile for my K-3 students. Some others have more of a “lullaby” factor, so listen to samples to find one that’s right for your kid(s).

You can find all the albums here:

Click the plus sign next to Music to see all the bands Rockabye Baby has interpreted.

AND, they’re all available on Spotify as well, which is incredible.

Also, here is a great article Johns Hopkins University about how to utilize music in the classroom, even as a welcoming tool in the morning to make the classroom environment inviting:

I hope this helps you!

-Miss S

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