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Talking Partners

What You’ll Need: Colored dot stickers for desks

Who It’s For: Students who have difficulty speaking to one another, asking questions or having conversations

1. Choose two colors of dot stickers and place them in alternating order on the students’ desks. I’ll use green and yellow, here, as examples.

2. Each morning, write a conversation starter on the board. I make them up daily according to classroom lessons or needs, and I always have the students start with their partner’s name, so the starters are written on the board with a blank space like this:

“___________, what is your favorite ride?”

“___________, what is your favorite thing to eat for dessert?”

“___________, who is one of the nicest people you know?”

3. Model the prompt with another adult or student, let them answer, and then let them ask you for your answer as well.

4. Tell students which color dot will ask the question first. Example: “Green dots will ask first today, and yellows will answer first.

5. Check for effectiveness by walking around and asking the green dots what the yellow dots said, and vice versa. If they have forgotten, they’ll have to ask again!

As the students become more comfortable with speaking to each other, rotate their talking partners and/or add a 2nd question to the exchange. For example:

1. “____________, where is your favorite place to go with your family?

2. “What do you like to do there?”

Teacher’s Note:

I’ve been doing this every morning and it has made a WORLD of difference in the students’ communication! They are striking up conversations about each other’s weekends at lunch, listening to each other and even asking follow up questions on their own! There are so many opportunities to teach that spring up in this exercise and it’s been extremely beneficial in their social development.

I hope this helps you!

-Miss S.

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