IEP Goals

Recipe For Success (IEP Goals)

What it is: A way to keep track of IEP goal progress

Who it’s for: Teachers of students with IEPs

What you’ll need: Construction paper, a laminator, white labels


It is difficult to keep track of the progress made on every goal by each student. Here are some the steps to make it a team effort and therefore, easier:

  1. Choose a theme. I chose Recipe For Success because it was our school-wide API theme last year. 
  2. Make a symbol of that theme (I have also used a bullseye and called it Reach Your Target in accordance with another school-wide API theme) on construction paper and laminate it. Make one for each student with an IEP.
  3. Choose two goals at a time and write them inside your symbol
  4. Choose a reward that will be given for completion of goals
  5. Sit down with each student and tell them what their goals are and what the reward will be upon completion. I use Awesome Achievement Certificates provided for free by BJs pizza which can be obtained here:
  6. Create a template to record progress data
  7. Check in periodically (perhaps monthly) with short assessments to chart student progress. This also is very beneficial information to have when you are doing progress reports!

When goals are achieved, I present my awards in front of the whole class to get everybody excited. Erase and add new goals to your symbol as needed!

I hope this helps you!

-Miss S.

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