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Line Order

What it is:: A line-walking strategy to decrease arguments

Who it’s for: Your whole class

What you’ll need: Duct tape, a poster chart, Velcro

This is seemingly simple, but it has been a HUGE help for students who benefit from structure, predictability, and boundaries. My students used to fight over who would be at the front of the line every time we lined up, so I set a permanent line order which they adhere to whenever we need to form a line.

  1. Make a numbered chart and hang it on the inside of the door where the kids can see it before they leave.
  2. Assign all students to a number strategically. Separate volatile combinations. Put slower movers toward the back so they’re not rushed while walking. Put responsible students at the front and back.
  3. Put tape on the ground with their names on it, spaced appropriately. Even after implementing the line order, I still dealt with a lot of pushing and crowding. This designates their space for them.line order photo

Tip: If you have a student who is obsessed with being first, either give that student the line-leader privilege with the opportunity to keep it, or give them the opportunity to earn it. You can even rotate line leaders monthly. I have my students’ names Velcro’d to the line order chart so they can be moved around when necessary. VELCRO TIP: Lakeshore makes pre-cut Velcro squares that are so beneficial, I go through a box every 2 months.

I hope this helps you!

-Miss S.

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