At Home Strategies / Socialization / Whole Group Fun Activities


What it is: A game that improves asking and answering questions, that can be played with the whole class!

Who it’s for: Teachers or parents of children who would benefit from deductive reasoning and clear communication practice

What you’ll need: Hedbanz Game


I do a 30 minute Social Group activity in my classroom every day in which we, as a class, practice a social skill that they need practice with. instead of role playing a strategy, I wanted to find a game that that would be engaging for my entire class to play together, that would secretly teach them a social skill in the process. A fellow SAI teacher in my school district recommended the game Headbanz, which has been so perfectly helpful.

How We Play It:

  • One student comes to the front of the room and puts a headband around their forehead that has a slot for a card with a picture on it that they can not see.
  • That student asks students two questions. For example: Am I a food? Am I an animal?
  • Then the students asks for hints from the class
  • The class gives hints one at a time until the headband wearer guess

What It’s Good For:

  • Learning how to ask questions to gain information
  • Understanding the concept of hints without giving the answer away (very tricky for the young ones)
  • Learning to gather pieces of information to form a conclusion
  • Mentally categorizing facts

The kids love it and it has helped us work through a lot of kinks when it comes to organizing information. Often, they will guess based on the last hint given, without linking it to previous hints and it’s been fun to walk them through the mental organization process.

I hope this helps you!

-Miss S.

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